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Classes at Barre Red

Fitness with Passion

Barre All

This Barre class targets your whole body infusing Pilates, Ballet and Yoga together. With Juicy intervals and lots of sculpting moves to upbeat music. This class mimics your Legs, Bums and Tums style but add in the barre for perfect support and dumbells for an extra upper body burn.


This Mat Pilates class follows the Joseph Pilates technique with the added fusion of dynamic control and movement. This class is designed to rebuild and strengthen your pelvic floor and core and focuses on alignment and posture. It is perfect for sculpting, defining and strengthening your body head to toe.

Barre Sculpt & Stretch

This Barre class is a combination of both toning and stretching. It uses light weights and resistance bands to sculpt and define the body. After toning, stretch your body out and reduce the lactic acid build up with a dynamic flow and stretch infused with deep breathing and relaxation.

HIIT Pilates

This class fuses both Intermediate Pilates and HIIT together. Each exercise flows into intervals designed to give you a faster, dynamic and more intensive workout.

Hatha Yoga

This class combines the practice of asanas (yoga postures) and pranayama (breathing techniques) to create an practice amazing for the mind and body. Each class starts with relaxation and stretching and concludes with meditation and mindfulness.

HIIT the Barre

Think HIIT, Think Barre. This class utlizes the barre for a fab cardio workout. Although High Intensity, moves are low impact to help support the joints.


This is a dance fitness class originally created by 'Strictly' Stars Natalie Lowe and Ian Waite. Each class explores both Ballroom and Latin styles. 
Dance the chacha, jive, quickstep, waltz and much more WITHOUT the need for a partner!

Reformer Flow

Using the Reformer machines, this small intimate class will work your muscles in new challenging ways. Infusing Pilates and dynamic movement together creates a mindful, toning workout.

Vinyasa Yoga Flow

This class is an upbeat flow, gradually building heat through your body as we mindfully link movement with breath. Building on strength and stamina in this sequence often incorporating drills and pulses to tune in on particular muscle groups other times we will flow and breathe in a pose to improve breath control and raise energy levels. Postures can be modified throughout.

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